Six weeks ago I sent 250 DVDs of The Garden at the End of the World to each and every member of the Australian parliament, both upper and lower house MPs and Senators. Accompanying it was a non-political (non-provocative) letter asking them to take some time to watch the film.

With the situation of asylum seeking children in Australia being deported to Malaysia together with the presence of Australian troops in Afghanistan, I had hoped that the film would provide a voice for the true victims of conflict, showing our politicians exactly what the situation is like in Afghanistan, particularly for the children and women. Good decision making comes from being properly informed and I believe that the film could have some influence. In not, and their hearts are made of concrete, then at least we tried.

To date I have received replies from only FOUR politicians. I had expected just a few more, but four is pitiful.

If you reside in Australia, I would like to ask you if you could take some time to send your local federal representative/s an email asking them to take the time to watch this Human Rights award winning film.

I have attached the links below so you can easily find the contact details of your representatives. Parliament resumes next week so if you send an email this week please send it to their electorate (click on their names to get details). If next week, please send it through to their Canberra office. This week would be best so they may take the time to watch the DVD over the weekend.

If you live in the electorate of Bob Brown (TAS) and Judy Moylan (WA), please thank them for watching and supporting the film.

I also received a letter of thanks from the Hon. Simon Crean who said that he will ‘indeed watch the film’. Very kind. I don’t know if he has yet.

The fourth correspondent was quite dismissive, so I will leave it to synchronicity for one of you who lives in his electorate to contact him – if you please.

House of Representatives (Lower House)

Senate (Upper House)

Also, if you could get this out to your network that would be fantastic.

Lastly, if and when you get a reply, please post it below in the comments. Let’s see how many pollies we can stir to action!

If you haven’t seen the film it is available here >>>

Thank you for your time.

All the best,
Gary Caganoff