Study Guide

The Garden at the End of the World will interest many community and advocacy groups, especially those involved with social justice, peace, sustainability, international relations, overseas aid, ethics and permaculture.

The film is also relevant to a range of senior secondary and introductory tertiary courses, including: Asian studies, child welfare, civics and citizenship, conflict and conflict resolution, feminist studies, health and human development (VCE), human rights, human society and its environment (NSW), international aid/law/politics, journalism, peace Journalism, media studies, modern history, permaculture, political science, psychology, religious studies, social work, society and culture, sociology, studies of society and environment (Victoria) and world history.

The DVD content, including the documentary, is rated ‘M’ (recommended for mature audiences), the highest unrestricted rating for Australian media, i.e. for content moderate in impact. Teachers are advised that some stories and images are emotionally challenging. Guidance and debriefing are advised for secondary (years 11 and 12) students.

This comprehensive study guide includes information and questions suitable for different levels of understanding. Focus on those areas of specific interest and concern to you.


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