Organise a Public Screening

Organising public screenings of the documentary are a little more complicated than private or corporate screenings as they involve a few more logistics.

Firstly, apart from covering the costs of putting on the event (cinema hire, advertising, etc.) we expect that all profits will go to Mahboba’s Promise. We expect that your good intentions include forfeiting any financial rewards for yourself. If your intention is otherwise, Mahboba’s Promise may like to hire you as a professional fundraiser.

To ensure the integrity of the event we ask you to either let Mahboba’s Promise auspice the event, or find a local community body that could auspice it, such as a Neighbourhood Centre, Refugee Support Group, Women’s Health Centre, or the like.

In the latter case the auspicing body takes on the accountability of all money’s raised from the event and ensures it gets to Mahboba’s Promise.

If you are enthusiastic in organising a screening please talk to Mahboba’s Promise for more info.